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18 Jan 2018

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29 Dec 2017

MUSIC: Tunde – My Heart (Styl-Plus)

MUSIC: Tunde – My Heart (Styl-Plus)

Ex Styl-Plus crew member, Tunde is now a full time solo artist that has always continues applying his Lit vocals, charm, and personality to creating melodic and deeply soulful songs just for you.

He recently released a music compilation which includes the tracks “Love Me Well“, “My Heart“, and “Kinimolese“. Here is “My Heart” for your listening pleasure. Listen Up!!

DOWNLOAD Tunde (Styl-Plus) – My Heart

28 Dec 2017

24 Dec 2017

13 Dec 2017

1 Dec 2017

MUSIC: Aneetah – Astounding Love

MUSIC: Aneetah – Astounding Love

DOWNLOAD Aneetah – Astounding Love
Astounding Love is a song of gratitude to God for his unending love for us on the cross. How can you explain a spirit being who left his crown as KING of kings, his glory, his throne, just to come to this sinful world to give up his life for people who never loved or cared about him.

  • His love is just so Astounding, First of all, I want to thank God for making me understand how great his love for mankind is and for helping me share this gospel through this song.
DOWNLOAD Aneetah – Astounding Love

23 Nov 2017

16 Nov 2017