5 Jan 2018

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Nigerian Lady Shares Her Encounter With A Man Who Paid For Her Hotel Room In Lagos
A Twitter user STOJ @BellexForte took to the platform to narrate what happened after she refused having sex with a guy who begged to pay for her hotel room in Lagos.

see some reactions below;

spicypetrah@borokzeffizzy Emergency money you go out with (especially for ladies), so when their date turns out to be a crazy psychopath, like the dude☝️, you can just “VEX” pay for your self and leave without been stranded
augustina.xI love her replies 👏🏽👏🏽
girlcandy627😂😂😂😂😇😇😂😂hurt as fuck, nicca you got gamed😂😂😂he’s gonna have nightmares believe me 😂😂
archdiva_mHigh five babes, lol broke and pained.

iniobongken@sarahsmobilepot @bosslady_sophie remember when that pilot wanted to straf me and was angry I didn’t let him?!! I loved the anger i saw on his face when I told him I had cash to Lodge in a hotel that he should go and die!!! Mehn that night was epic!!

tohbhadHow queens roll💅🏽 A man that doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re is that one man😒

mz_eva_gazaOMG!!! I need to buy nkwobi for this babe with one big odeku! Way to go gyal!!!💪💪💪

fechi_mbulo1Whoever you are sis !you is my sister from another mommy. Stupid useless idiot ! Naija guys sersly push buttons . Exactly what I would do Mchew

michaelalwayswins@_diinma hahaha another hoe comes to defend her kin. Babes , i aint slut shaming ya’ll okay. Look its a hustle and i@ here supporting you guys ..gooo hoes!! Hoes 2018. See im on your side
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