25 Jan 2018

Nigerian Guy, Out Of Shame Return #35k Back To Lady Who Called Him Out For Scam

Nigerian lady With IG name @funmilayotaiwoewa called out a guy with IG name @IG_Tailor for scamming her after she paid for a sneaker since December and got no delivery.
Well the guy just credited her account to avoid further embarrassment
See her post;
Another Scam Alert …In d month of Nov /Dec I saw a sneaker on line ,talked with my cousin about it …He said he saw a similar one on Snapchat… after transaction with this guy IG handle IG_tailor ,About d dislayed sneakers 35k was credited to him for d displayed sneakers attached with previous chat and and up till date he didn,t deliver to us nor return bck the money ,Obviously it is scam ….Watch out for his handle…IG_tailor so u don,t fall his victim…
 I want to say a very huge thank you to all those who shown concerns towards how I lamented about a sneakers I paid for and was not delivered….Today the guy credited me bck d sum.of 35,000 ….I want to use this platform to say a big [email protected]fonaija and all his good followers with a good heart may Almighty God Bless You all in Jesus… 



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