1 Dec 2017

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We all know very well, That they're many people out there who starve every day some even die in the same process today in South Africa. And most of us can't really see how bless God has made us to be. As a true christian we are to help the needing ones and feed the poor.

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Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says Feeding the poor and helping the needy ones, Is simply part of serving one another in way of helping. And as we serve others we are also serving Chris. Who's with me?? You walk into a supermarket and see a helpless man or woman, why not ask him how he/she is doing? then get something for them to eat.. 
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We go to a store just to buy what we don't actually need, For example junk food. Why not use your wealth which God has bless you with to help others who're really in need of it.

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When ever we give, it simply means that we are obeying God's words and doing which is uncomfortable, Which helps Gods childrens grow and to be that which God has called you to be.

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