26 Nov 2017

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A lady from Limpopo by the name Idani stood to testify of divine-induced fertility. She and the husband had been trusting God for the fruit of the womb for 8years. 
Their first child is 9years old now. The lady also had multiple fibroids in her womb and doctors recommended that she should undergo surgery to remove them.
They then decided to attend the international visitors program. In the month of August her husband attended the international visitors program of fruit of the womb. 
  • During that service the prophet declared that people would conceive immediately and others by the month of December. He also declared that they shall experience great miracles especially during the month of January to March of the next year.
True to the prophet's word the couple went home, used the anointing water for fruit of the womb. True to that, the lady has now delivered a beautiful baby girl. 

The breakthrough did not end there. At work, she also began experiencing so much favor like never before. The husband too got promotion at work.

Idani then encourages the congregation that they shouldn't believe in any negative report from the enemy be it in ones health, career, finances but remain focused in the God of Major 1 who is a living God. He does the impossible.

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