5 Oct 2017

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we've been getting a charge out of MTN 1.5GB for N1000 (throughout the day and night) and 3.5GB for N2000 (throughout the day and night), yet now MTN has returned to these plans.

These progressions has been influenced a long time before now in the event that you to need to buy information from MTN however they haven't authoritatively declared the new changes. Furthermore, now, they simply did.
Y'ello! From Oct, 7, we're modifying the 1.5GB plan to give you 1GB +500MB bonus only at night (1am-7am)when you buy or renew.
MTN has sent a general instant message to all endorsers advising them of the official changes to their information designs. The message peruses.
  • Y'ello! From Oct. 7, we're modifying the 3.5GB plan to give you 2.5GB+1GB bonus only at night(1am - 7am) when you buy or renew. Thank you for choosing MTN. 
You Don't Still Understand? Okay! Let's Explain All With Break Down Words Below:

  • For the 1.5GB plan, it is now 1GB all day + 500MB Bonus usable from 1am – 7am.
  • For the 3.5GB plan, it is now 2.5GB all day + 1GB bonus usable from 1am – 7am. 
NOTE:- N1000 now gives you 1GB + 500MB bonus (usable only at night). If you consume your 1GB without browsing from 1am – 7am, your bonus of 500MB won’t be deducted until the plan expires or you use it at the said time. The same thing is applicable to the N2000 plan.
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