9 Oct 2017

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Just after winning The Voice Nigeria Season 2 Daniel Diongoli Best known by his stage name Idyl Took to his IG page to talks about how he got to The Voice Nigeria Season 2.

According to Idyl,
“It was not really my idea to audition for the voice; my friends pushed me into doing it. When I was registering, I did not think I was going to win because I had auditioned for several reality television shows before I became the winner of The Voice Nigeria. I auditioned for Project Fame from Season Five to Nine. I went for Nigerian Idols auditions from Season Three to Five. I went for X-Factor as well. I have gone for so many auditions. Whenever I went for auditions, the judges would tell me that I was good but not yet ripe for the stage. Some would tell me I am good and I would go back home expecting their calls but they never reached out to me. “Regardless of what they told me, I did not stop pursuing my dream because where I come from, we do not stop till we get what we want. Music is life to me, it is the only way I express myself. Saying that I would stop pursuing my dream means that I would stop living.”
He said wining the Voice Nigeria still feels like a dream.
 “Although I have been the winner of The Voice Nigeria Season Two for a short while, my life has really changed. I am beginning to get used to being a star. I go out now and people ask me for autographs, it is very strange to me but I would get used to it,” he said.
Speaking about his childhood, Idyl said,
“My childhood was amazing and I learnt a lot of things that has helped me with life. I come from Bayelsa State and there are a lot of talents in that state but people do not know. I moved to Lagos about six months ago and this has happened to me. I came to Lagos to do a six months music program at MUSON Centre and pursue my career in music. The lowest point of the competition for me was when I was put up for eviction. During the times I was on probation, the whole scenario weighed me down a bit. I later picked myself up and kept pushing.”
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