7 Oct 2017

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Hello, We're here again! Been a while we posted about anything concerning health issuses, And most of you there might have been expecting to hear from us! even before now self.

Today we going to talk about DRINKING Warm water every morning, And the benefits too will amazed you. When we say WARM water? Not to boil 99% of water then drink oh! we simply meant it to be WARM Thank You..

It might not sound okay to most of you, But we don't look and reason it that way! we check the benefit of it. What help it could render to your body systems.

1. Eases Constipation:-

Dehydration – Low level of hydration (water) is the major cause of constipation. Warm water, more that chilled water stimulates our circulation and digestive systems, which aids our intestines.

2. Improves The Quality of Hair:

Warm water activates and energizes the root nerve endings and can result in soft, shiny, healthy hair. It can also help stimulate the speed of growth of the hair. The scalp benefits as well as it becomes hydrated, which prevents dandruff from forming.
Drinking Warm Water

3. Slows Down the Aging Process:

One of the greatest agents of aging is toxins and by consuming hot water, we flush out the toxins in our body. In addition, water repairs skin cells and improves skin elasticity, which renews your skin. It is never too late to start as warm water can smooth out damaged skin.

4. Helps In Weight Loss:

Intake of hot water daily in the morning increases the body metabolism and breaks down the adipose tissue (tissues which store energy in the form of fat) lying under the skin. This process will eventual culminate in weight loss

5. Aids Elimination Of Pimples:

The main reason for acne breakout is the excess fat stored in your body. Drinking hot water will help you to get rid of such problems such as acne and pimples

6. Helps In Sleeping:

Surprise?  Drinking hot water helps you to fall asleep faster as it makes your muscles and nerves relaxed. It will help your digestion process and waking up in the morning will be not so bad.

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