23 Sep 2017

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Questionable online identity, Daddy Freeze has said no Nigerian Prophet, Minister or General Administrator, GO, is fit the bill to get tithes from their individuals.

  • Freeze focused on that tithes were implied for the Levites, who were relatives of Levi, the child of Jacob and Leah and "nobody else." 

Taking note of that Levites were not permitted to possess properties, including private planes, Freeze asserted that tithes were paid once in like clockwork, as per the Book of scriptures.

The On Air Identity, who took to his instagram page, stated "No Nigerian prophet or minister or GO fits the bill to get your tithes!

"Tithes were implied for the Levites, who were relatives of Levi child of Jacob and Leah nobody else! These Levites are still around in Israel today.

"Levites were not permitted to claim anything not houses not land or autos and Unquestionably NOT PRIVATE Planes!

"The tithes were just paid once at regular intervals in the time of the tithe Deut 14:27; Few out of every odd MONTH!

"Just 10% of the tithe was implied for the sanctuary Nehemiah 10:38 the rest was implied for the debilitated, destitute, outsiders, dowagers and vagrants NOT Ministers!

"Tithe was never cash, IT WAS FOODSTUFF!

"Tithe was intended to be eaten with our families in the place of God.

"It is scriptural to offer your tithe and purchase brew and savor the place of God. Deut 14:26

"Deuteronomy 14:[22] "You should set aside a tithe of your yields—one-tenth of the considerable number of products you gather every year. [23] Convey this tithe to the assigned place of love—the place the Ruler your God decides for his name to be regarded—and eat it there in his essence. 

"This applies to your tithes of grain, new wine, olive oil, and the firstborn guys of your groups and crowds. Doing this will show you generally to fear the Master your God.

"[24] "Now when the Ruler your God favors you with a decent collect, the place of love he decides for his name to be regarded may be too far for you to bring the tithe. 

"[25] Provided that this is true, you may offer the tithe part of your products and groups, put the cash in a pocket, and go to the place the Master your God has picked. [26] When you arrive, you may utilize the cash to purchase any sort of nourishment you need—steers, sheep, goats, wine, lager or other mixed drink. At that point devour there within the sight of the Master your God and celebrate with your family. [27] And don't disregard the Levites in your town, for they will get no portion of land among you."
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