16 Sep 2017

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Much the same as every other person, Justin Bieber did not know his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez had a surgery for a kidney transplant.

On Thursday, September fourteenth, Selena Gomez stunned her fans worldwide when she shared photographs from her kidney transplant done amid the mid year.

Another shock is that her ex, Justin Bieber was not aware of the entire thing as the two previous sweethearts don't talk anymore.

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An insider from Bieber's camp affirmed he was taken unawares recently like whatever remains of the world.
“He is hearing about this just as everyone is hearing about it. He’s he is happy that she is okay, but he has no interest in contacting her to see how she is doing. This will not be a catalyst for them to talk again. He is generally happy she is okay, but that is all he wants to deal with right now when it comes to her.”

The surgery which was top-secret did not filter to Bieber's ears despite the fact that Selena Gomez attends the same Hillsong Church like himself.

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