17 Sep 2017

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The "Desirous" artist opened up about Gomez's current kidney transplant amid a radio meeting on SiriusXM's Hits 1 in Hollywood on Friday.

"I didn't [know she had gotten the surgery]," Jonas admitted. "I was similarly as astounded as every other person when I woke up and saw her Instagram, however amazing. That is quite recently staggering, and the quality she's appeared through the greater part of that is rousing." 

"I'm pumped for her. I'm cheerful to see she's doing great, it appears, and she could get the surgery and her companion helping her is a wonderful thing," he included. "So it's all astounding."

Jonas and Gomez dated amid their Disney days from 2008 to 2010, however a source reveals to ET that it was her present beau, The Weeknd, and her nearby gathering of companions who helped her through her recuperation prior this mid year.

"The subject of was more about her and the help of her lady friends - the ones in her exceptionally internal circle who have been with her since the starting, similar to Francia," ET's source clarified, including that the experience conveyed her particularly near her kidney benefactor, Francia Raisa. "[Gomez] would have been flawlessly glad keeping this private, however once it got out, they considered this to be a chance to spread some energy and shed light on benefactor transplants."
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