10 Sep 2017

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Man can be helpless and need help in different situations and circumstances but our God is never helpless and is ever ready to render help.

  • God will help you in Jesus name!

It is one thing to have a helper and another thing to know how to engage Him to help you.

The Holy Spirit, who is your comforter is your everlasting helper but you need to know how to engage His help to rescue you out of every predicament of life.

You don’t wait for changes; if you want a change, you make things happen. If things are not happening the way you want it, you enforce a change; you don’t just wait.

  • There is a mystery that can bring supernatural help. 

When you tap into that mystery, you gain mastery to get help. It is called the mystery of sacrifice.

A sacrifice is a seed carrying precious cost laid on the altar of God for a desired turn-around.

If you want all-round mastery in every area of your life, then, sacrifice is what you need. You will always need a sacrifice for a change of position.

Any time you are tired of being on the same spot, all you need to do is to engage our helper who is the Holy Spirit through the mystery of sacrifice.

Thereby, you provoke Him to give you your desire. He is compelled to turn your circumstance around.

Every time you provoke your helper, He brings a turn-around for you. At the root of every outstanding testimony that has to do with a turn-around, there is a mystery of sacrifice.

Sacrifice is called a mystery because God does not need it but He uses the sacrifice to meet your own need.

Sacrifice is a principle which God Himself obeyed. When He lost man, He laid a sacrifice called Jesus so He can gain man back to Himself.

Therefore, if you want God to bring that thing you are looking for to help you, there has to be a precious seed because the scripture cannot be broken.

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God did not fast to get man back, neither did He pray; He laid a precious seed.

So any time you are at the cross road, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to the sacrifice to lay to come out of that challenge. I see you come out of that challenge as you engage the help of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name Amen!

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God bless you!!!
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