6 Sep 2017

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Ellen and Nath at the same time supplanted their eyeglasses with the research center's remaining inverse each other at the keep going piece of the long table inbetween them.

Peace continued looking at Nath for a consideration however wasn't given to her.

"You truly need to focus" Kennedy advised her.

"What's your concern?" Peace asked furiously.

"My concern is you. Nath has come so why as yet deficient with regards to fixation taking a gander at him?"

"Is not your business"

"Indeed, it is"

"How?" Peace asked gazing at him. Indeed, even Kennedy gazed at her excessively needing, making it impossible to answer yet the voice of Mr Kind sized intruded on him.

In this manner, both looked down at their device discreetly.

"Look into the beakers before you. What element can be found there?" Mr Jumbo asked looking at the students in roll.

"Uranium, sir" Olivia, a very beautiful girl answered.

"No" Mr Jumbo moved forward still with his hands behind him.

At that moment, Nath had been staring at her opponent, Ellen which made her uncomfortable.

"Please, u are making me uncomfortable here" Ellen whispered to the hearing of Nath.
"Are u saying I'm a distraction?" he asked.

"Exactly" Ellen replied before Nath looked down into the beaker before him again and said aloud, "Sir, the element is Cesium"

"Very good!" Mr Jumbo exclaimed and continued. "Cesium, an alkali metal is a very dangerous element.."
"Why sir?" Peace interrupted.

Mr Jumbo remained quiet without answering the question until he walked back to the front of the lab. "The reason is because is very explosive" he answered.

Hearing the word, 'explosive' all the students bent away from their beakers.

"Ellen, please, be careful i don't want to lose you now" Nath whispered to Ellen jokingly who also smiled.

"Don't talk to me again" she warned.

"What if i do?"

"I will splash you water" Ellen concluded.

Mr Jumbo noticed that the students were afraid so he said,

"Cesium doesn't just explode unless it react with..." a sound of explosion from Ellen's position interrupted him-Ellen wanted to splash Nath water but some particles entered into her beaker containing cesium then it exploded and splashed on her face.

All the students laughed seriously especially Peace, even Nath couldn't help it.

One could see Ellen's face covered with white particles and looking angry.

"Now class, that's what happens when Cesuim react with water" Mr Jumbo said looking at Ellen angrily too...
The practical lasted for few hours. Students came out from the laboratory all in white coat.

Nath and Ellen were the last to come out.

He tried to apologize to her but she never said a word rather hurried forward living him behind.

Before she got to the front, Cent blocked her.

"Hello Miss Ellen, how was the explosion?" he mocked.

"Just go your way" Ellen said and wanted to pass but Cent held her hand. "Get your hands off me!" she shouted.

When Nath sighted them, he hurried up to the place. But before he got there Cent had already freed Ellen so they glared at each other.

Boys in Alvana Senior Secondary School (ASSS) are day students while the girls are boarding. Their hostel is found behind the school building. It is as voluminous as the school building.

Kennedy stood at the staircase waiting for Nath because they normally go together.

He saw students trooping down the staircase wishing to see Peace among them but never saw her until all went down. Suddenly, Peace and Olivia came out.

One could see half of their fresh thighs due to the short skirts they wore.

"Hey, Peace" Kennedy wanted her attention but she ignored him. Only Olivia gave him attention.

"Hi, Kennedy" she stopped in his presence.

"I wanted to talk to your friend, Peace but it seems she doesn't like my presence"

"Do you want me to talk to her?" Olivia smiled twisting her hair.

"For what?" Kennedy asked.

"I thought u wanted to talk to her"

"No, don't worry"

"Alright, bye" Olivia hurried down the staircase to meet Peace.

Immediately after that, Ellen also passed him briskly without even looking at him. The expression of anger on her face didn't allow Kennedy to even say hi. So he stared at her.

"She's upset with me" a voice came from behind-that was Nath.

Kennedy turned to him, he shook his hand first before he asked, "Is it because of what happened in the lab today?"

"I guess so" Nath adjusted his bag and eyeglasses. "Let's go" he added before they walked out simultaneously.
Ellen entered her hostel, she found her roommate, Juliet already lying on her bed wearing a skirt without a top. Only her bra could be seen.

"Baby girl you don't look good" Juliet said looking at Peace who kept her bag and began to off her uniform without replying.

"How did the explosion happen?" Juliet added then began to giggle.

Ellen glanced at her with a weak smile after she pulled her skirt off.

"Don't remind me of that again" she said.

"But who caused it?"

"Nath caused it"

Juliet smiled. "Love oh" she added.

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