6 Sep 2017

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Alvana Senior Auxiliary School has what it takes to be qualified as a school. It is three voluminous story building populated with keen understudies.

One could see female understudies in light-blue longsleeve shirt, purple skirt and dark shoes amid break period or before morning gathering.

In any case, as of now, the school condition was calm which demonstrated that all understudies were in their classrooms.

The science understudies were inside the research facility prepared to complete a pragmatic.

All arranged in twos confronting each other.

Inbetween them was a long table with various sorts of components and mechanical assembly.

They wore a white protective outer layer, white hand-gloves and research center eyeglasses. Just two understudies were absent: Ellen Raymond and Nathaniel Anuma.

All of a sudden, Mr Enormous the science instructor entered then all fix up looking more genuine than beginning.

"Great morning understudies" Mr Gigantic started with his hands behind him. He has an enormous and tall body wearing a dark pant and white shirt which he tucked in appropriately.

Over the dressing was likewise a white protective outer layer and hand-gloves. "Set up your device" he included.

"Yes, sir!" the students replied in unison then began to set up.
Peace Livinus's attention wasn't there, so she kept staring at the door hoping to see Nath coming for the practical. Opposite her was Kennedy who noticed her restless behaviour and whispered, "Hey, concentrate"
"Where is Nath?" Peace whispered back.
"I don't know. Is that why you're restless?"
"What do you mean?" Peace frowned.
"I can see you glancing at the door occasionally. Is obvious you're anticipating to see Nath" Kennedy smile.
"Stop it!"
"Why should i? Don't worry, your love Nath is coming"
"You're getting me upset"
"The truth is always bitter" Kennedy smiled again.
"I said shut up!" Peace's voice attracted Mr Jumbo's attention. So he pointed at her from a distant.
"Livinus, what's the problem?" he asked.
"Nothing sir!" Peace replied aloud as she kept setting her apparatus.
"That reminds me" Mr Jumbo moved forward. "Where is Anuma and Raymond. I mean Nath and Ellen?" he asked.
"They are not yet in school sir" Kennedy replied.
"What nonsense!" Mr Jumbo provoked....
Meanwhile, Nath just arrived inside their classroom and found Ellen searching her bag in a hurry. He wore a pare of transparent eyeglasses looking handsome in his chocolate complexion "Hi, Ellen" he said and moved to his locker.

"Hi, Nath" Ellen replied without looking at him. She was seriously searching for something inside her bag. Her body complexion was totally fair and she also had a pare of transparent eyeglasses on her eyes-but smaller than Nath's "Oh, my God!" she exclaimed.

"What's it" Nath asked as he was putting on his lab coat but Ellen kept quiet until Nath finally wore his lab coat and hand-gloves.

He walked to her then tapped her back.

Instantly, Ellen turned and looked at him in the eyes but averted her eyes immediately.

"What's wrong with you?" she asked.

"We are already late, yet you're not dressed for the practical" Nath said standing beside her.

"I can't find my Laboratory hand gloves" Ellen replied.

"Wait let me help you"

"No way!"


"Coz this is female bag"

"For that reason i can't put my hands into it?"

"Of course" Ellen replied then Nath smiled. Just then, she found the hand gloves and began to wear them.

She also wore her lab coat in the presence of Nath who stared at her amazing beauty.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Ellen asked him.
"Nothing" Nath replied.

"It should better be" Ellen hurried forward but Nath called her back and said,

"You look beautiful"

"You're crazy" Ellen replied and continued walking briskly then Nath followed her immediately.

Both were walking in a hurry simultaneously through a lonely passage that led to the laboratory looking like young couple doctors.

Ellen glanced at her wrist watch.

"My God! Mr Jumbo will bury us alive" she said.

"Yes, he will turn us into an element today" Nath also said joking thereby putting a smile on Ellen's face.
"You look more beautiful when you smile" he added.
"Invalid compliment" Ellen concluded. Just then, they slowed down at the entrance of the lab.
"Both of you stop there!" Mr Jumbo commanded them. Hearing that, everybody's eyes went to them. When Peace saw Nath, she smiled happily but didn't buy the  fact that he came in with Ellen.
"Why are both of you late?" Mr Jumbo continued.
"Sir, i came before Nath" Ellen replied.
"Sir, it's a lie.."
"Shut up!" Ellen interrupted Nath silently and hit him on the trouser. Seeing that Peace became more jealous and of course Kennedy noticed it.
"What has come over both of you?" Mr Jumbo asked again.
"We are sorry sir" Nath pleaded then hit Ellen's skirt too to apologize also.
"We are sorry sir" Ellen finally said then glared at Nath.
"Now go set your apparatus" Mr Jumbo commanded.
"Thank you sir" the two student hurried inside.
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