19 Sep 2017

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Maximizing is the act of making the most of something. It is the act of using something in a way to get the best result.

Glory is the full expression of God’s nature. Nothing is more important than God’s glory.

Everything that happens in your life is to bring glory to God.

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Maximizing His glory is making the best use of His glory to get outstanding results.

There is nothing you are passing through that God is not aware of.

There is no circumstance that God cannot change - Jeremiah 32:27.

You experience God's glory when you worship Him. There can never be a spectacular miracle without a mockery. 

God’s glory is the full manifestation of His nature. God presence is not visible but His glory is tangible.

Every time there seems to be a delay, God steps in with a spectacular miracle.

When you believe God’s Word, you will experience His glory.

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With the advantage of contemporary times, a true believer is greater than prophets of yesterday.

As long as you are born-again and you believe, you are qualified for global exploits. In the eyes of God, no person or race is superior to the other.

As children of God, we are empowered to command exploits and take leadership positions globally.

The Holy Spirit is multidimensional thus it bestows different divine gifts according to believers’ requests.
Let the power of the Holy Spirit break the barriers in your life and shower you with life’s treasures.

Stop counting on your personal effort: count on the Holy Spirit for your promotion and uplifting.

Do not mind your present circumstances, see where you want to be in the future.

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Every word of God you believe He confirms it. Your identity changes by the Holy Spirit.Every word of God you believe God confirms it.

  • Where your energy can not carry you grace carries you.
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