6 Sep 2017

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The Biafra National Guard, BNG, has charged that President Muhammadu Buhari passed on long back, including that the present president is a "result of plastic surgery."

BNG additionally expressed that it would "do everything humanly conceivable to safeguard the general population of Biafra."

The announcement peruses:
"The Leader of Nigeria, who is a result of plastic surgery since we are exceptionally persuaded that Buhari kicked the bucket long time once more, has additionally debilitated our kin with death. 

"Upon his entry, his lady discourse was loathe discourse against the general population of Biafra in whose unique circumstance, "wreck" directed the general population of Biafra. We wish to utilize this medium and help the general population to remember Biafra that the result of plastic surgery sitting in Aso Shake is resolved to squash us.

"The terrible news for impersonator of Buhari in Aso Shake is that Biafra National Guard under the authority of General Orji should do everything humanly conceivable to militarily protect the general population of Biafra.

"The general population of Biafra have ideal to live and no man conceived of a lady can deny us that privilege. BNG drove by General Honest Orji should restrict any type of ethnic purifying or genocide against the general population of Biafra.

"1967 has traveled every which way; we have proceeded onward and never again might the general population of Biafra be obliterated or pounded.

"BNG under the initiative of General Honest Orji should oppose the devastating of our kin since that was the reason His Excellency Diminish Chukwuemeka Ojukwu gave him the rank of General."
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