12 Sep 2017

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A Michigan youngster shot his mom to death a week ago while she dozed all in light of the fact that the lady wouldn't give her child a chance to have a puppy, police said.

Andrew David Willson, 19, was accused of murder and lawful offense gun ownership in the episode. He was captured Friday and was denied bond,

Willson called police just before 7 a.m. Friday saying he discovered his mom, Lisa Marie Willson, dead in their Williamston home. Officers found the 51-year-old lady with a shot injury to the back of her head.

Examiners found Willson and his mom were the main individuals in the home Thursday night, when they apparently contended about keeping a puppy the youngster had carried home with him half a month earlier. Lisa professedly denied and disclosed to Andrew the pet would rather be kept with his dad in Dansville, around 11 miles away, Analyst Charles Buckland said.

Willson told criminologists he took a .22 Magnum rifle from a bolted bureau and shot his mom in the back of the head, before hurling the rifle close-by, Buckland said.

Willson has no earlier criminal offenses and is planned to be in court Sept. 28.
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